Rincón Añoreta Sports Hall Málaga, 2004


Ramón Araujo Armero.


  • Architect: Miguel Ángel Sanz Vera.
  • Technical Architect: Jose Luis Salcedo.


  • Construir con Acero. Arquitectura en España 1993-2007. Ramón Araujo. Apta 2009.


The Multi-Sports Centre is a half-buried construction, such that the perimeter of the court is a retention wall and the light is provided from higher up. The barrel vault roof structure comes directly from the ground, and accordingly there are no real walls. As the building remains open by reason of the tympanums and the vault transmits its forces to the ground, the design proves to be a simple and economic solution.

The court is the classic 22 x 44 m which can be subdivided into three transversal courts and the total width, including the seating structure, is that of 27 m. The roof height above the surrounding terrain is that of 6 m and 9.30 m above the court.