Infanta Leonor Hospital Madrid, 2007
First Prize in Projects Contest


Reinforced concrete structure with a frame of modular pillars of a width of 720 cm with reticulated slabs. The support structures are square (40 cm x 40 cm), along the entire height thereof. The reticulated floor slabs have a width of 30 cm.

The floor slabs are extended 50 cm past the external face of the support structures in the façade, thereby forming a structure which facilitates maintenance activities and which also forms a horizontal barrier for fire propagation.

Another distinct point is the main lobby, where the floor slab of the first floor is suspended with steel struts.

The parking area is a differentiated structure, which is constructed from precast concrete.

Each pavilion comprises a separate structure, with expansion joints between each one of them and with the central lobby section. And moreover, each “arm” or radial corridor is supported in expansion by the neighbouring arm.